Jack Cohen-Chang



Calling || Sam
  • Jack: Sammy, I need you to come here, and pin me down. I want you to fuck me. -seductive voice- I wanna ride you. Be a good boy, and come here.
  • Sam: -groans- jack shut up!
  • Jack: -moans- But I need you! Sammy, I need you so bad -moans louder-

extra energy || Jackie


Sam had to admit, he was pissed off about not being able to play. It was the biggest piss off ever. it gave him his muscles. and it made him feel normal again. Like people weren’t scared to hit him because of cancer. Like he wasn’t this fragile little kid, He was a man and he was able to take care of himself. Not having that confidence scared him a little bit. 

Before going home Sam decided on working out extenssively. Mostly because his energy was too much, He was too angsty and even if Jack thought it was good, the kind of energy that he had wasn’t. He began to beat the crap out of the punching bag, moving onto the treadmill for an hour. eventually once his energy was spent he began to walk home. 

he smiled as he saw Sarah picking Jacob up, “hey baby” he said picking his son up in his arms. “daddy!” he giggled kissing him hundreds of times. “hey baby, i missed you. You’re going to see aunt sarah?” he said with a smile. “yeah Jake is comming with me tonight,” she said with a smile. He handed his son to her with a soft smile. “i’ll see you tomorrow, daddy’s staying home” he said kissing him again, 

he walked into the house smiling as he saw jack. “hey baby, i’m sorry i got upset before i really didn’t mean to” he said kissing him lovingly. He walked up to the room taking his clothes off and getting into a bath to relaxed his over worked muscles. he groaned happily closing his eyes and just enjoying the moment. 

Jack didn’t understand why his husband was been so upset. It was just football, but he didn’t want to make him more upset so he keep his mouth shut. He was happy Sarah called him to ask if he could borrow Jake for the night. He told her it was fine, and moved to pack up his things, “Jake, three rules for staying at aunty Sarah” Jack looks at the small child holding up three fingers, “No been a bad panda, no screaming, and no making messes” Jake said grabbing his little teddy bear. “Good boy” Jack tells him picking him up, and kissing him repeatedly.

When Sarah shows up she, and Jack decided to have a small cup of coffee before taking his son away, “How’s Sam?” She asked, “He is upset about been suspended off the football team for two weeks” Jack sighed as he took a sip of his mug. “How do you two keep been normal teenagers, and adults at the same time?” Sarah asked. “Lot’s of planning, and lot’s and lot’s of money” He tells her with his usual smirk that never failed to make her blush. “I think I better go now. Bye, baby” Sarah leans forward to give Jack a quick peck on the cheek before picking up Jack, and leaving.

Jack picked up the mugs, and washed them feeling someone walk into the house, “Hi, teddy bear” He kissed him back cupping his cheek, “It’s okay, handsome. Go take a bath” He tells him as he finished cleaning the last bit of the kitchen. Jack walked upstairs, and into the bathroom. “Feel better?” He asked Sam tilting his head back to kiss him. Jack picks up the soap, and starts washing his back, and shoulder singing as he did so, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” He knew he need to relax Sam, and this was the best way. “You make me happy when skies are gray” He rubs small circles where he feels his the most tense.